10 Things That Will Trash Your Email Marketing Program

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Email Marketing

 width=Is there anyone out there who doesn’t want to improve his or her email marketing campaigns? ClickZ just published a charming and wise article by Sundeep Kapur, Director Strategic Marketing – Ecommerce at NCR Corporation (who blogs about email best practices as the email yogi) that’s well worth your time.

We don’t want to give the whole thing away, so we’ll just note truncated versions of the first five things on the list, and encourage you to read the rest, including the remaining five, in “10 Things That Can Destroy a Email Marketing Program.”

5 Email Marketing Problems and Solutions

  1. They do not remember who you are.
    Rx: Send the first message quickly, stay in touch, and keep reminding the recipient about your value proposition.
  2. You send them too many campaigns.
    Rx: Cap your frequency to match your consumers’ preferences, and if they do unsubscribe, offer to reduce the frequency to a minimum.
  3. Your emails are just not interesting.
    Rx: Spice it up a bit, even if you are talking about “ball bearings.” Factor in some user-generated content or questions – this is what will keep the consumer engaged.
  4. You do not stop selling.
    Rx: Mix up your messaging; the best thing might be to include useful informational content in every marketing campaign.
  5. You are not relevant.
    Rx: While it would be ideal to segment the consumer based on her preferences, keep asking the consumer if you are missing the mark and factor in her comments into your marketing campaigns.


Do you have thoughts about worst practices? All comments welcome!