3 Key Trends in Email Deliverability

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Email Marketing

As a follow up to our recent Deliverability Webinar, I wanted to take a moment and highlight some of the key areas that you should be considering for your email marketing objectives for 2012 and beyond:

Consumer Engagement:

There has been much speculation on the subject of how consumer engagement with your marketing messaging is playing a major role in deliverability decision making. The reality is that we now have seen data to support this concept, and it makes sense from a receiver’s perspective. Look at your reporting and decide if those clients of yours who don’t, click, open or otherwise engage with you. Perhaps it’s time to transition them out of your program.

Welcome Messages and Onboarding:

The perfect time to acknowledge a consumer’s interest in your brand is at the point of email collection. The timing to send that initial welcome message will never be better – grab them while they’re hot, as the saying goes. A timely welcome message establishes relevance and you can also set frequency and other program tidbits at this time – if you can establish a seamless onboarding experience.

Data Management:

This is a key component of any program for you to proactively manage. Establish benchmarks and rules of engagement for your new and existing subscribers, and execute to the plan. Remember email address go bad and do expire, often turning into spam traps. I know it’s hard to lose addresses but sometimes you have to let them go. It’s best for your programs…and ultimately, your ROI.


Did you miss the “Deliverability & the Realities and Demands of Today’s Market” webinar? Watch it on your own time, and stay informed.