5 Keys to a Successful Marketing Automation Blueprint

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In a recent webinar, Act-On’s Jeff Linton joined Stacy Gentile, President of Invigra to discuss marketing automation and why it’s important in business today.

As Jeff explained, marketing automation is not a “set-it and forget it” type of solution. Marketing automation is about creating a plan, then leveraging content and unique tool sets to allow marketers and sales professionals to be more effective in generating leads and revenue.

So how do you create that plan? As part of their presentation, Jeff and Stacy shared five keys to building the blueprint for sales and marketing success.

Keys to Creating a Successful Marketing Automation Blueprint

  1. Build a solid sales infrastructure
    If you’re serious about implementing a marketing automation solution, at the core, you’re going to need a CRM system. This provides one place where both your marketing and sales teams have access to everything. Other important pieces of a solid sales infrastructure include: targeted lists, sales intelligence, marketing automation, content, social media, and web conferences.
  2. Know your targets and have a good list
    When you’re creating a plan for success, you need to understand who you’re really marketing and selling to and what they care about. If you start out with a bad list, it screws up everything later in the process and hurts your reputation for a long time to come.
  3. Understand lead scoring
    Once you have the list built, you need more information. Lead scoring is important, because it allows you to determine who is most worthy of marketing’s time, and it helps to focus salespeople’s time.
  4. Content marketing
    Take inventory of the content that you already have, create a calendar, push your content out there, and don’t forget to repurpose.
  5. Don’t sit around and wait (pick up the phone!)
    Did you know that nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads? Be proactive, look for opportunities to nurture leads by providing service and education. But remember…it’s not just set it and forget it. At some point in the nurturing process, somebody on the sales team must pick up the phone. Understand the cadence of the buying process, so you call at the right time. (But DO make that call.)

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