5 Reasons You Should be Using Landing Pages

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Landing pages are a powerful tool that allow marketers to quickly and easily extend their website content in a targeted and strategic way. These targeted web pages aren’t linked to from your homepage, but rather, are retrieved when a link is clicked.

Landing pages can be used with everything from ad placement to email marketing and social media campaigns, but you might be asking yourself, “why not skip a step and just direct visitors to our homepage?”

While we admire your “keep it simple” attitude, there are a number of useful reasons why every marketer should incorporate landing pages into their marketing strategy. Here are five of the most compelling:

Five Reasons to Use Landing Pages

  1. Targeted Content
    The prospect clicked your link for a reason. Using a landing page to deliver exactly what the prospect expected or hoped for reduces the likelihood that they will get distracted or will be unable to find the desired information.
  2. Content Testing & Improvement
    Landing pages provide the opportunity to test and optimize design, content, calls to action, and offers. It also allows for A/B or split testing, which can lead to more targeted, effective messaging.
  3. Improved Lead Capture
    Creating a landing page with limited navigation guides the visitor to focus on the task at hand. By limiting the number of exits from your landing page, your visitors are focused on filling out your form, or whatever other course of action you want them to take.
  4. Social Sharing
    Imagine being able to expand on Twitter’s 140 characters and create copy on your website that speaks specifically to your current Facebook fans. Because landing pages provide a targeted place to send Facebook, Twitter, and other social network users, you can expand campaigns shared on social media. These pages allow social network users to point back to specific information on your landing page, and drive traffic to your website from social sites.
  5. Tracking
    Prospects and customers come in through different avenues; landing pages let you see where traffic and conversions come from, so you can refine and focus your plans, and perhaps your ad dollars.

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