6 Reasons Why You Don’t Want to Miss the Act-On i ♥ marketing Roadshow

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Marketing is a profession that requires us to be at the top of our game at all times. There is no resting on laurels in marketing ― we always need to be learning, thinking ahead, and improving our skills.

Are you looking for a fresh way to learn from innovative marketers, take your prowess to the next level, and prepare your marketing program for what’s to come?

Are you focused this year on boosting your reporting and analytics skills, staying at the forefront of the marketing conversation, or getting up-to-speed on the latest tools, trends, and best practices shaping the profession? How about connecting and networking with other marketers, and sharing wisdom and practical advice for marketing in the digital age?

If so, you’ll have an opportunity to do all these things when you sign up to attend an Act-On i ♥ marketing, an Adaptive Journeys™ Roadshow in San Francisco on June 12th!

As marketers, we all know that our job responsibilities are always expanding. It’s crucial we not only keep current with our existing marketing programs, but also constantly test and re-evaluate our strategies to ensure they’re adapting to the needs of our buyers and their unique and complex customer journeys.

Additionally, we must always be aware of new trends and technologies that are on the horizon. What might have worked in our marketing mix last year might not work today — and almost certainly won’t work next year. Therefore, staying up to date on industry knowledge is key.

Luckily, keeping up with the complex, exciting, and ever-evolving world of marketing can also be fun. When you join Act-On and hundreds of other marketers at the Marriott San Francisco Union Square on June 12, 2017, you’re sure to have an action-packed, informative, and enjoyable experience!

Here are six reason that you will leave your heart at the i ♥ marketing Roadshow in San Francisco:

1. You’ll receive valuable training.

We provide you with a hands-on opportunity to accelerate your Act-On learning with pre-con training to help you get the most out of your Act-On investment. By completing our Marketing Automation 101 course you’ll put yourself on the path to being Act-On certified — and it’s included as part of the full conference pass.

2. You’ll hear from influential innovators.

Who wouldn’t want to soak up what marketing industry leaders have to say about new trends on the horizon? Our forward-thinking presenters will share their visionary ideas that will inspire you to take their creative energy and industry insights back to your company and channel them into your own marketing initiatives.

3. You’ll attend informative panels and sessions.

We’ve got customer-led panels and break-out sessions to help you kick your Act-On knowledge and marketing skills up a notch — or two. You’ll return to the office feeling empowered to experiment with new ideas! For example, learn about the future of marketing with Adaptive Journeys™, Act-On’s B2B marketing automation that can predict and deliver the best message, at the perfect time, through the ideal channel, with machine learning.

4. You’ll learn best practices from experts.

We’ll be sharing marketing best practices, discussing optimal methods and procedures for handling everything from campaign management and analytics to building Adaptive Journeys™ across brand, demand, and customer marketing.

5. You’ll see cutting-edge components.

We’ll be unveiling some very cool roadmap features that we know you will want to get your hands on ― be the first to see them!

6. You’ll enjoy cocktails and conversation.

Mixing and mingling with fellow marketers is on the agenda of the i ♥ marketing Roadshow. You can have fun with friends, get to know other like-minded professionals who use Act-On, and enjoy a cocktail or two. Sounds good? We think so, too!

Whether you’re looking to expand your marketing knowledge, network with industry thought leaders, or get inside tips and tricks on the Act-On product, the i ♥ marketing Roadshow is the place to do it! We hope to see you in San Francisco or at one of our future roadshows – New York on August 8th and London on October 2nd.