7 Marketing Habits of Today’s Highly Successful SMBs

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7-habits-sbms2Could your SMB’s marketing be more effective? In a recent webinar, 7 Habits of Today’s Highly Successful SMBs, Act-On Software’s Jeff Linton broke the seven marketing habits down into useful tips that can help put your business ahead. If you don’t have time to listen to the recording, here’s a recap of the key points.

Act-On surveyed about 200 SMB marketers with the goal of understanding what they are currently doing, how they are learning, what they are changing, and whether (and how) they’re evolving. We sought to discover what makes top performers different from bottom performers. Here’s what we found out. Top performers –

1)      Emphasize online vs. offline strategies – Game-changing approaches such as choosing the right solutions and having the right strategy in place is the first successful marketing habit. Automating processes, such as taking offline strategies and putting them online to make them more effective, gives marketers a huge advantage.

2)      Look to new business leads and lifetime value over acquisition costs – Top performers focus on getting new customers and generating business by bringing in new leads, while bottom performers focus on cutting costs. In addition, when surveyed, bottom performers were less likely to bring in revenue via social platforms.

3)      Execute highly optimized, multi-channel campaigns – Top performers are able to execute more effective programs through multi-channel optimization. By utilizing email, web and social media platforms, they can engage with and reach potential prospects via multiple channels.

4)      Nurture leads carefully, until the time is right – 50% of top performers will nurture their leads between 1-3 months, which helps sales build great conversations with those potential customers.

5)      Collect the metrics that matter – Top performers analyze virtually everything, from cost per lead to qualified lead and everything in between, and they are always improving. Bottom performers on the other hand, aren’t usually measuring anything.

6)      Urge increased collaboration between sales and marketing – Top performers understand that collaboration between sales and marketing is imperative. The primary responsibility of the marketing team is to serve up leads and collaborate simultaneously with sales. Establishing cross-communication and understanding what sales needs to be effective is a plan for success.

7)      Maintain marketing budgets during a difficult economy – Are you looking at the glass as being half empty or half full? Top performers tend to see the glass as half full and maintain budgets in difficult times. They are not reducing spending simply because it’s down time, but are taking time to plan, measure and re-measure their programs in order to make huge leaps in the industry.

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