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image 3 for Inbound launch postYou know Act-On as a marketing automation platform that delivers a best-in-class suite for creating, delivering, and analyzing outbound marketing programs. Well, we’ve just upped the ante by adding a whole new suite of inbound marketing capabilities to further amplify our customers’ marketing efforts. The result: more leads, conversions and revenue through a new set of marketing channels.

Let’s break it down:

Buyers are searching. Get found!

SEO continues to be a critical factor as buyers take the initiative to do their own research. Act-On’s new SEO Audit tool optimizes your Act-On landing pages and forms so they get indexed appropriately and move up the search rankings in major search engines. You can manage, add, and fine-tune keywords (and metadata) until you have the optimal package. In addition to landing pages, you can analyze any web page you want, no matter where it’s hosted.

Optimize your blog for search engines

The SEO Audit plug-in for blogs will bring your bloggers’ posts into the search mix through integrations with WordPress and Drupal. This allows your bloggers to perform an SEO audit of a draft post, giving them real-time scoring and SEO coaching to boost page rankings. Once you create a list of custom keywords for landing pages and AdWords, you’re assured of being “search relevant” across all your Act-On content channels.

Get better results from AdWords

Act-On now integrates directly with your Google AdWords account to give you accurate information about:

  • How your PPC campaigns are performing
  • Which search terms potential prospects are using to find you

This marketing-enriched view of your PPC campaigns provides you with a holistic view of your paid search programs. You’ll see impressions and clicks, right on through to the actual leads that you get when someone searches for one of your keywords or clicks one of your paid ads.

Measure your results

Conventional wisdom has often said that inbound marketing is hard to measure. Not anymore…

  • Augment prospect profile information with search data to better understand the profile of your best prospects and customers. Segment by search information, and use this data to do more targeted outbound marketing campaigns based on what prospects were looking for when they found you.
  • Measure the true ROI from Google AdWords pay per click (PPC) campaigns by measuring results from clickthrough to lead generation, opportunity creation and revenue generation. This lets you allocate precious ad dollars when and where they’ll be most productive.
  • Calibrate and balance your Google AdWords investment with organic SEO investment to optimize overall online search capability.

Want to see Inbound in action? Please contact us for a personalized demonstration.