Act-On Pontifex!

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Pontifex: Latin for “bridge builder”.  Etymology:from pont-, stem of pons, “bridge” plus -fex, -ficis, root of facere “to make”.

Bridge-building is very much the business we find ourselves in.

On this side of the chasm: e-mail marketing. Big market (Forrester estimates $3B to $4B). Widely adopted. Best practices and success metrics are widely accepted. Pricing is pretty stable.

On the far side: online marketing automation. Small market (around $200M?) populated mostly with true believers and early adopters. Very attractive when viewed from afar by the e-mail marketing crowd, but many conflicting claims from vendors and no clear best practices. And expensive!  The general perception is that marketing automation is pretty complex to implement and operate.

We are proving every day that this does not have to be so.

We do this by going to market with an “All-In-One” marketing platform that starts with a very strong e-mail marketing system.  Our customers typically start with e-mail and evolve pretty quickly to the point where they are using more and more tools in the Act-On platform to manage more and more of their online marketing programs and channels. Pretty soon, they have made it all the way over to the other side, with automated programs for lead nurturing, scoring, behavioral targeting, and more.

Since our price represents a very slight premium over what customers are used to paying for e-mail marketing, they feel like they are getting a great deal for their money. We are bringing a whole new class of customers into marketing automation!