Act-On’s APEX: A New Kind of Partner Program, With Real Value

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The world as we know it: Complicated applications (and that’s most of them) depend on a partner ecosystem to help install and set up their products. Implementing, training, working with IT…much partner consulting time is usually spent wrestling with the product.

Exceptions to this are the few SaaS platforms that are built with user autonomy ingrained into their DNA. Act-On is one such platform; usability and simplicity were guiding principles in design before we ever began building our marketing automation platform.

So why has Act-On instituted APEX (Act-On Partner Exchange) if Act-On customers don’t need outside help to make the platform work? Three reasons:

  • APEX provides Act-On customers with a wide range of specialists who can help with specific needs (e.g. strategy, content development, platform management), or complementary services and technologies.
  • It enables our technology and service partners to go beyond the basics and really provide customers with the value-adds that most programs only talk about.
  • It also creates a three-dimensional ecosystem where companies with something in common can discover each other and work together.

The program caters to three types of partners:  Referral, technology, and agency.

  • Referral partners. Anyone can sign up. If you know someone who could benefit from a system like Act-On, simply register the lead and Act-On takes care of the rest. If the deal closes, you earn referral commission. The more leads you refer that convert into Act-On customers, the higher the commission and more benefits you receive.
  • Tech partners will gain the opportunity to meet and work with innovative marketers already using technology that’s proven easy to integrate and leverage – the Act-On platform.
  • Agency partners will have the opportunity to provide marketing and creative services, using Act-On’s platform to provide customers an enhanced comprehensive solution for Internet marketing initiatives.

Act-On customers gain in multiple ways:

  • Add specialty solutions quickly and easily by working with tech vendors who know the Act-On platform and so can integrate extension technologies quickly.
  • Find creative services providers for projects or programs, who already work on the Act-On platform, and so can add immediate value.

Want to find or become an APEX partner? Signing up is simple and Act-On supports you as you come up to speed. Find more information – or just get started – here.