Act-On’s Easy WebEx Integration: An End-to-End Webinar Management Solution

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Top Performing marketers rank webinars as one of the two most profitable channels. (Gleanster, 2011).Webinars are particularly valuable for reinforcing your brand as a thought leader and source of relevant content. And you can generate especially well-qualified leads: Use a landing page and form that collects each participant’s name and email address when they sign up, and you’ll gain a new hot lead every time someone registers.

Expanding the reach and results of your webinars is great, but adding additional capabilities usually means extra work. What if… you could build all the creative elements, set up the surrounding email communications, AND manage your webinar, all using the same easy platform? (Hint: You can!)

Act-On Software integrates seamlessly with Cisco WebEx—widely recognized as the best webinar delivery platform in the industry— providing marketers a true end-to-end solution. You can send email event invitations, automatically update attendance lists, follow-up with attendees and non-attendees, and automatically update leads in Salesforce using one marketing solution.

“It’s easier to create and manage our webinars through the Act-On platform, as well as our invite and registrant list. There’s no need to even log into WebEx.”—Ben Jackson,
Director, Sales & Marketing,

Want to see how easy it is? Watch this short, to-the-point video to see the whole process in less than five minutes…

Act-On Software allows marketers to manage all the essential aspects of a webinar before, during and after the event, from one automated and integrated marketing platform. Visit our website to learn more about how you can start using Act-On’s WebEx integration today!