Atri Chatterjee Shares B2B Marketing Insights at DemandCon

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Recently, we were very pleased to announce the addition of Atri Chatterjee to the Act-On Software team. As chief marketing officer, Chatterjee is a key addition to the executive team, bringing more than 20 years of senior level leadership at high growth companies ranging from start-up ventures to large public companies.

Though Chatterjee didn’t officially take over as CMO until late March, he was on hand to share some valuable information during DemandCon in San Francisco last month. In the following interview, courtesy of BrightTALK, Chatterjee shares his thoughts regarding segmentation, distribution channels, and metrics.

Segmentation: Keeping Your Customer’s Attention

Segmentation is valuable to marketers because it allows them to focus their messaging to prospects and various marketing activities. According to Chatterjee, marketers today have more tools for segmentation and more knowledge, and are doing a much better job of defining prospects. But blasting out messages to everyone is so easy that it’s also easier for marketers to abuse or misuse the system. Even so, Chatterjee describes segmentation as imperative when it comes to obtaining, and maintaining, a customer’s attention, especially in today’s noisy marketplace.

Distribution Channels: Online v. Traditional Channels

During his interview, Chatterjee discussed the complexities of online as a distribution channel and the different tools that make up this distribution channel—including email marketing, webinars and social media. Though online is an important distribution channel, Chatterjee is quick to point out that it is important not to neglect more traditional channels of distribution, such as resellers, when considering your business plan.

Metrics: A Balancing Act

Chatterjee talks about the importance and availability of metrics. However, he also points out that organizations sometimes tend to measure things that aren’t important. For that reason, those of us at Act-On constantly ask the question: “What are the core metrics, or key performance indicators, that we need?” and Chatterjee encourages other organizations to do the same. Metrics need to be actionable. If the metric is not actionable, it just becomes a lot of data that you have to deal with.

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