Building a Blueprint for Sales and Marketing Success, Step 4: Content Marketing

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Step 4. Content Marketing

Mr. Stacy Gentile of Invigra and Jeff Linton of Act-On Software delivered a webinar about The Blueprint for Sales and Marketing Success. This series of posts addresses key points made in the webinar.

The last post discussed using lead scoring to develop a digital footprint that helps salespeople prioritize leads. To make lead scoring work, you’ll need an active content publishing program. You should push content out for people to interact with in order to generate those scores. Top things to create include:

  • Social media: Tweets, Facebook posts, blog posts, other
  • White papers
  • Case studies
  • Webinars

Anything and everything you can create digitally and throw out into the market (and track!) is good, as each piece is one more opportunity for the buyer to take an action you can score.

It’s like fishing…suppose you have a dozen lines in the water, and you see one begin to bob up and down. That’s the line you’re going to pay attention to.

The Content Calendar

It’s a good idea to plan out your content for the whole year, and we strongly recommend using a content calendar. It’s not as intimidating as it looks, once you start working with it.

  • Do an inventory of every piece of content that you have
  • Determine what you need but don’t have
  • Make a plan for creation of must-have content
  • Spread the content out in your calendar in a way that makes sense
  • Re-push and re-purpose as much as possible. You can, for example, send the same white paper out four to six times a year

You can build a simple calendar in Excel in minutes:

For more options, feel free to download Invigra’s content marketing calendar, which you can customize for your company’s needs:



People interacting with your content is what generates lead scores. That resulting digital footprint will show your salespeople the prospects who are returning to the website, what they’re reading, what they’re not reading, and indicate when the rep should spend time with that prospect.

Watch The Blueprint for Sales and Marketing Success webinar, and stay tuned for Step 5, “Don’t Sit Around and Wait (Pick Up the Phone).”

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Mr. Stacy Gentile is the President of Invigra, a fully integrated B2B Lead Generation company that helps organizations fill the top of their sales funnel with three primary services: Sales Infrastructure Improvement, Content Marketing and Outbound Sales Calls.

Jeff Linton is the Manager of Product Marketing at Act-On Software, Inc.