Building a Blueprint for Sales and Marketing Success, Step 5: Pick Up the Phone!

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Part 5: Don’t Sit Around and Wait – Pick up the Phone!

It all leads up to this. You make a plan, develop a list, determine who to talk to and what to talk to them about. And then…once that lead is qualified…a human being picks up a telephone and makes a phone call.


Let’s go into a little more detail about getting to this point, and what you do when you get there.

  • Blended strategies work the best. This means integrated outbound marketing efforts, such as email; and inbound marketing tactics, such as content marketing and social media.
  • Develop a qualification threshold that sales and marketing agree on and can act on. For example, a prospect who clicks on a link in an email once, just once, is not qualified. If your lead scoring process isn’t delivering the right leads at the right time, ready to be called, take a look at where your threshold is set and readjust it.
  • Develop a sales cadence. Your cadence is very specific to your industry and your sales cycle. Getting this right is critical, as people tend to buy from those who reach them at the most opportune times.
  • Nurture/measure/nurture. Keep up those nurturing programs that help bring prospects along. Measure your results, adjust as necessary (don’t be afraid to experiment) and nurture some more. This will gain you a crop of leads ready to be called.
  • And when you do call:
    • Forget selling. Think service and education
    • Focus on what’s true…and get to whether this prospect and your solution are a good fit for each other. Your best customers, your repeat customers and raving fans, are always people who had a problem that your solution solved. If it’s not a good fit, the sale can easily come unstuck, or just be a snake-bite problem for the duration of the relationship.

Watch The Blueprint for Sales and Marketing Success webinar, and stay tuned for Step 6, “The Blueprint.”

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Mr. Stacy Gentile is the President of Invigra, a fully integrated B2B Lead Generation company that helps organizations fill the top of their sales funnel with three primary services: Sales Infrastructure Improvement, Content Marketing and Outbound Sales Calls.