Building Content Marketing to Support the Buying Process

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A huge majority of prospective buyers (70–80%) make most of their critical decisions before they ever talk to your sales team. The way to reach them and influence those decisions without actual contact is through content marketing. If content marketing is in your future (or you’re struggling with it now) you may be interested in a simple, step-by-step, methodology for content marketing that both connects with your buyers and supports your company’s goals and objectives.

Demand Metric is offering a free webinar, “Building Content to Support the Buying Process,” Tuesday, January 30th at 1 pm Eastern. In it, I’ll lay out a six-point program and go into depth in each element. If you want a proven, battle-tested methodology for producing sales-ready leads using content, then this is the webinar for you.

This methodology will help you:

  • Plan your content marketing program by identifying objectives, buyer personas and buying stages.
  • Manage your content marketing program by building content and organizing distribution channels.
  • Measure the results of your program and foster an environment of continuous improvement.

We’ll outline this methodology in stages and steps, and I’ll let you know about tools and templates that can help.

Demand Metric Content Webinar 01-24-13 (2)Stage 01: Identify objectives

We’ll begin by discussing how to determine which marketing initiatives you need to support, what your competitors are doing, and identify and establish your objectives with content marketing.

Stage 02 – Understand buyers

Now that you’ve identified your objectives, it’s time to understand your buyers. This stage teaches you how to identify your buyer’s specific content consumption preferences, buying process sticking points, and what content they need to meet their educational needs.

Stage 03 – Identify gaps

This stage is diagnostic and involves detailed research and analysis, during which you’ll consider your existing assets, assess your content by stage and persona, and identify the gaps in your content.

Stage 04 – Build content

Now you’ll begin to fill in the gaps you uncovered. In this stage, you’ll figure out key messages and keywords, outline standards, identify a workflow, generate ideas for content, learn how to repurpose existing content, and create new content.

Stage 05 – Organize distribution

We’ll talk about how to choose distribution channels (such as how to use your website and social networks), building landing pages, and creating and using an editorial calendar.

Stage 06 – Measure your program

At this stage, you’re managing your content lifecycle, monitoring and measuring your program and using feedback to determine changes, improvements, and budgets.

Content marketing is a big, important part of your marketing, but it doesn’t need to be overwhelming. It’s all manageable if you take it step-by-step and use the right tools. Do it well, and you’ll achieve your goal of generating high-value, sales-ready leads. Sign up for this free webinar, Building Content to Support the Buying Process, now.

Albertson Performance Group, Inc. (APG) founder and president Eric Albertson has been a marketing and sales executive mentor for companies of all sizes for more than 30 years. Eric has an amazing track record in the lead generation world having helps both small and large companies to spectacular growth in good times and bad. Giants such as Microsoft, HP, Dell, American Express, Motorola and Intel at the high end and companies as small as just $1M per year in revenue.  

Act-On is proud to sponsor this Demand Metric webinar.