Cameleon Software’s Success Breaking into a New Market

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earth-cartoon-hi 400Ari Fefferman, marketing manager at BlueBird Strategies and Virginie Dupin, marketing director of Cameleon Software joined Jeffrey Linton, product and field marketing manager at Act-On Software to deliver a “Best Practices for Entering New Markets” webinar. If you missed this event, you can catch the recording of it here or read the short recap below.

Entering new markets is a challenge, no matter how seasoned or developed your business is. Cameleon Software faced this exact challenge when looking to expand to North America.  Cameleon is a 25-year-old European-born public company providing multichannel and multi-device solutions for product configuration, quotes and proposals (CPQ). A market leader in Europe, Cameleon searched for the right North American partners to support their messaging, understand the market, and generate quality leads that could be nurtured over time and converted into customers regularly.

Cameleon first partnered with demand generation agency BlueBird Strategies, who recommended Act-On as the best marketing automation tool to meet the requirements. Cameleon’s tactics included making use of Act-On’s reporting capabilities to determine a new targeting strategy. The team’s coordinated efforts paid off:  Cameleon saw a 39% lift in sales by the second year of the North American campaign.

The best practices and lessons learned in this webinar would be useful for any marketer planning to enter a new market, whether “new” is defined geographically or by some other factor.

 Do you have a story to share about breaking into a new market?  We’d love to hear it.