Cheetah-Speed, Agile Marketing

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Cheetah runningCheetahs achieve the fastest land speed of any living animal. How fast do they go? Between 70 -75 mph, in short bursts covering distances up to 1,600 ft. The cheetah also has the ability to accelerate from 0 to over 62 mph in three seconds. What does this have to do with marketing, you ask?

During our last tweet chat, we discussed the fast-paced world of marketing, which has been accelerated by real-time social media. We covered the role of IT in marketing and the fact that marketers can be much more agile when not tethered to the IT department.

We have consensus that marketers need to do their many tasks really well –and really fast. One rule of thumb in marketing is the 60-30-10 Rule. With the right mindset and tools, a marketer would spend their time this way:

  • 60% on marketing
  • 30% on making or providing marketing products
  • 10% on administration and management

But to spend more time on marketing and less time on admin and management requires something different. It requires marketers to do their jobs with great agility, at cheetah speed. So the question you have to ask yourself is: How much time do you spend in those three areas, and how could you move closer to cheetah speed?

It is important that companies set up marketing departments for success, so they can move as fast as a cheetah and capitalize early on their prey. That means not being constrained by IT, and adopting tools that enable marketers to move with alacrity and agility that help them accomplish the goal of generating better leads, more qualified leads and increased conversion rates.

Wondering how to do that? Join us as we tie it all together in our next #MktgAction TweetChat with a discussion about how social media strategies can help you become an agile Cheetah Marketer.

#MktgAction TweetChatJoin @DrNatalie and @PR_Maven in “The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Marketing” #MktgActionChat, Tuesday June 25th at 6 pm on Twitter. We’d love to hear from you and understand where the gaps are between
your goals and your ability to do real-time,
agile marketing at the speed of a cheetah.

Dr. Natalie Petouhoff is the CEO of Executive Guidance For Social Media. Dr. Natalie has spent years developing strategies for businesses to use social media and to calculate the return on the investment. She’s held positions as an Ad Agency Executive, a Management Consultant and a Forrester Software Analyst. She teaches Social Media for Businesses at UCLA. Dr. Natalie written and been quoted in dozens of business books, white papers and articles in publications like USAToday, Adage, BusinessWeek, Fast Company, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Peppers and Rogers 1-to-1 Magazine and CRM Magazine as well as on national television and radio. Dr. Natalie provides strategic/ tactical guidance via unique assessments that enable companies to implement real-world solutions, integrate social media into traditional business operations, and increase revenue / decrease costs.

“High Velocity Cheetah” by, used under a Creative Commons 2.0 license.