Content Marketing: Leaping Out of the Content Ocean with Doug Kessler – MadMarketing TV Episode 11

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Content Marketing

Join guest host Jeff Ogden and special guest Doug Kessler, Co-founder and Creative Director of London based B2B content marketing agency Velocity Partners, as they discuss:

  • How content marketing has been adopted over the past year
  • Why is it important to differentiate your content
  • The importance of developing your content brand
  • Why “Relevant x Distinctive = Effective” is an important equation for content marketing
  • Keys and principles of content differentiation

Join Jeff and Doug as they dig into differentiating your content and creating content that stands out from the crowd. A year or two ago sending out content in and of itself was a differentiator. Content has absolutely gone mainstream now and companies have no choice but to get into the game and build their content brand. Doug defines effective content by looking at the key components that go into creating content that is effective, and provides an in depth response to the “how” to differentiate question. Doug sums it all up by presenting the four principles of content differentiation.

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