CRM Integration: Using Salesforce with Act-On Software’s Marketing Automation Platform

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Marketing automation and CRM are powerful tools on their own; however, like marketing and sales, these tools are even more effective when used together. Salesforce® CRM and Act-On Software’s marketing automation platform are a dynamic combination that allows marketers to generate sales-ready leads and salespeople to use real data to close more business.

Already a Salesforce user? The good news is that your Act-On Software account can work seamlessly with your Unlimited, Enterprise, or Professional Edition account.

Intelligent Synchronization: How It Works

Act-On Software uses the API to pull the leads and contacts you need for your marketing campaigns from Salesforce into Act-On.

Unlike the majority of marketing automation platforms, which automatically bring across the entire Salesforce database, Act-On allows you to decide just how much to transfer. This intelligent CRM Integration keeps your subset in sync and up-to-date. Now sales and marketing will have the real-time data they need, without having to sort through extraneous data.

As you run your marketing campaigns, Act-On will automatically update the contact and lead records in Salesforce. By adding marketing activities (such as emails sent, clickthroughs, webinar registrations, webinar attendance, white paper downloads, and website visits) to each unique record’s activity history, you’ll always have the up-to-date info you need.

Act-On Software’s Salesforce integration also allows marketing and sales teams to:

  • Send fully trackable emails from within Salesforce, using pre-defined Act-On email templates
  • Invite selected segments of your Salesforce leads and contacts to a webinar; track attendance and execute follow-up with Act-On.
  • Automatically create a Salesforce campaign to track the progress and status of your webinar, or select an existing Salesforce campaign to associate with your webinar

Want to see for yourself? Get a walkthrough of Act-On’s integration by watching this short video.

Act-On Software aids in marketing and sales alignment by providing tools that allow both teams to share information about potential leads. Interested in learning more? Contact our sales team today!