Customers are still King.

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Even if you were nowhere near San Francisco last week, you probably got a bit of the Dreamforce buzz. Some 135,000 conference attendees took in 1,400 expert-led sessions, soaking up fast-forward tips from all types of industry experts and meeting new technologies screen-to-screen. A lot’s been written about this year’s Dreamforce (DF-14), so I’m not going to rehash it, except to say that if there were a corporate version of Burning Man, this is it.

We were happy to be there because it gave us an opportunity to meet with our Act-On customers in a VIP dinner we held in their honor on the first evening of the show. We had the chance to meet our customers attending Dreamforce, and spend time with them in a private setting. We were able to show them new capabilities being added to the Act-On platform and also learn from them first hand about their successes and challenges. This is a continuous journey for us. On every occasion, we learn new things that help us improve some aspect of our product and service to better satisfy our customers.

Raghu Raghavan, Michael Krigsman, Kim Kingford of Nvoice

Raghu Raghavan of Act-On, Michael Krigsman of ZDNet, and Kim Kingford of Nvoice

 The people’s choice

On the topic of customer satisfaction, we are incredibly grateful for the solid show of support from our customers who voted us into the top three solutions in customer satisfaction of the over 80 SaaS solutions that participated. Our satisfaction rating beat some of the biggest and best-known companies at DF-14, including, Evernote and DropBox.

G2 Crowd ran the crowd-sourced review process for all the companies attending DF-14 and made public the results of all solutions that had 10 or more reviews at G2 Crowd GridScape.G2 Crowd Gridscape Dreamforce

Here’s a sampling of the types of reviews that boosted Act-On past our competitors:

G2 Crowd reviews Dreamforce 2014

We’re undeniably pleased with this honor. Quickly I found myself thinking about how we achieved it. For that matter, why are we the fastest-growing marketing automation company? Rather than slip into bragging, let me explain what I mean: We’ve managed to do very well in a very competitive landscape, going head-to-head with smart companies, most of whom were more mature and much bigger than us a few years ago. What has worked for us?

I could give you a long list of things, ranging from strategy to technological prowess, but I won’t. Because while those do all factor in, the most important ingredient of our success has been our customers. They’ve always been open with us and told us what they need.

All we had to do was listen.