Do You Know How Your Online Marketing Stacks Up to Your Competitors? Get Insight!

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You know and we know that social media and web presence are critical elements of today’s marketing strategies. We also understand that it’s challenging to measure your online efforts. Help is here: Introducing Act-On Insight, a new feature that lets you benchmark your own online presence, and then compare it against your competition in web traffic and blogs; Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn; keywords; and YouTube videos.

Ian Michiels, principal analyst at Gleanster Research, knows how tough it can be to measure an organization’s online and social footprint. “Act-On Insight takes the online and social media dashboard to a new level by allowing marketers to benchmark their performance against peers.” said Michiels, “Eight out of ten organizations rank marketing measurement as a top three challenge in 2012. A big part of this challenge is identifying the context behind what measurements actually mean and how to translate them into actionable insights. By benchmarking how an organization compares to competitors, marketers can easily identify contextually relevant adjustments that help fine tune marketing strategy and improve effectiveness.”

Competitive Insight at Your Fingertips 

Act-On Insight provides a simple, graphical interface. Key capabilities include:

  • The ability to monitor your own blogs and compare them with your competitors’
  • Tools to track the keywords and search terms that can drive traffic to your website
  • The ability to manage your brand reputation and gain competitive insights across social networks including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  • The ability to actively track, measure and compare multi-media content on YouTube

Sound like a competitive advantage you could benefit from? Contact a member of our sales team to learn more about Act-On Insight.