Easing Into Automation

Avatar Act-On

The reality for small businesses is that one or two people may be designated to manage the marketing system, along with their other roles and responsibilities within the organization. A marketing automation system that requires multiple steps and IT intervention to setup and operate is a non-starter.

In contrast, Act-On allows them to take a “toe in the water” approach and ease into marketing automation at their own pace.

Our customers often start off with e-mail campaigns, the bread and butter of e-marketing. Pretty soon, they use our website visitor tracking to follow the activity of their prospects coming from their e-mail campaigns. Then, they start setting up forms and landing pages to capture website signups. Then they start looking into webinars.

In the background, Act-On automatically builds the unified database that tracks all the online activity (web page views, e-mail opens, collateral downloads, etc.) necessary for real insights into prospects’ implicit buying behaviors. Once our customers see the power of behavioral targeting, they are ready for lead scoring and automated nurturing programs. In other words, full blown marketing automation!