Eating Our Own Dog Food


One of the really great things about the Act-On Marketing Service is that we  use it ourselves for our online marketing efforts to promote Act-On.

Every page in our website carries Act-On tags as well as Google Analytics tags. The Act-On tags provide a real-time “heads-up” display of visitors on the site *right now*  for our marketing and sales teams, very different from the Google Analytics report, which is sort of “rear view mirror” view that only our marketing people seem to care about, and that too not every day.

We run a weekly webinar for prospects looking for a live interactive demo. We use Act-On to promote these webinars via e-mail campaigns and Google ads, to send reminders and to follow-up. Along the way, we made significant usability improvements to Act-On to make the management of webinars and other online events intuitive and simple. So much so that a lot of our new customers have chosen Act-On just for its unique webinar management capabilities.

In some cases, our marketing efforts “Aha!” moments have driven Act-On in exciting new directions. For instance, our marketing interns started using Twitter (manually) to promote our weekly webinars. Pretty soon, we noticed that Twitter was driving a lot more people to our webinar landing page than Google Adwords. This in turn caused our product development team to sit up and take notice. So sometime in the near future, Act-On will be rolling out a brand new Twitter campaign module based on our internal experiences.

Bottom line: having to eat our own dog food has (a) made us healthier and (b) improved the quality of the dog food. A lot.