Eavesdrop as 4 Marketing Heavyweights Discuss Nature vs. Nurture

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Last week, our CRO Shawn Naggiar joined Dave Lewis of DemandGen and Elle Woulfe of Eloqua for a lively conversation about lead nurturing moderated by Steve Gershik of 28Marketing, for the Marketing Automation Institute.

This savvy group discussed the basics, including simple steps to get started, before moving on to talk about more complex and sophisticated programs, with illustrations and case studies thrown in along the way. A few highlights:

  • You can do some simple lead nurturing manually, but…ouch. Use marketing automation. You can handle many more leads that way, and accommodate leads who come in at different places in the funnel, at different rates of speed, wanting different things.
  • Define clear and realistic objectives for your lead nurturing program. If you usually close a sale with a face-to-face meeting, then perhaps getting those meetings is the objective—not closing the sale.
  • Marketing and sales must work together. Marketing begins the nurture process, and continues until the leads are ready to engage with a salesperson; these stages can overlap. Set clear guidelines about when sales get involved and who controls the conversation, so you don’t get conflicting messages or trip over each other. Communicate often.
  • Be relevant. You’ll speak to a CXO differently than a director, and you’ll speak to someone at the top of the funnel differently than the person in the middle. Start with just a few factors, and let your results drive greater nuance in your relevancy.
  • Just beginning? Start simply, maybe four or five touches with wait periods between, and focus on relevant content.
  • Been at it a while and ready to step it up? Create a demand funnel model, and build separate nurture campaigns, perhaps one for inquires, one for marketing-qualified leads, one for recycled leads, and so on.

There’s a lot more, and it’s all good. Catch up with the conversation here.

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