Email (Still) Rocks ROI

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Email Marketing

In honor of the upcoming Email Insider Summit in Florida May 1-5, we’re sharing a colorful infographic lent by Litmus showing just how fabulous email still is ($40-to-$1 ROI, anyone?). if you’re attending the conference, don’t miss the “The Politics Of Data-Driven Marketing.” Our own Chief Privacy and Deliverability Officer, David Fowler, will be on this panel, discussing a trifecta of pressure points forcing email and all digital marketers to pay increased attention to compliance with industry standards. The panel runs at 10:15 on Friday, May 3. It’s need-to-know material covering regulation around consumer information and choices, responsible data management, the complication of emerging channels, and handling data collected from consumers outside the U.S. in markets where regulations are different.

email infographic