Enterprise? SMB?

Marketing Automation

We have built a platform that can serve enterprise customers as well as SMB customers. The reason is that we are going after small marketing teams, not small companies.

Google search has altered the balance of power between big companies and small ones, since the all-knowing Google Page Rank algorithm makes no distinctions based on company size.

So now the little guys are looking for tools that let them compete better with the big boys. They need the same sorts of powerful tools, but in a cheaper and simpler to use package.Not just e-mail marketing — they are looking to turn their websites into efficient marketing engines.  Everything needs to work well together right out of the box, since they don’t have the time or the energy to cobble things together.

That’s our sweet spot.

That said, we have a bunch of bigger companies as customers, who genuinely appreciate the ease of use and the integrated tools approach. They are thrilled to be able to involve their sales people and even their channel partners in their marketing efforts. And they love the fact that they can get the contracts through finance quickly since they can cancel anytime.