Expand Your Global Reach with Marketing Automation

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global-reach-marketing-automationWith the rise of online marketing, it’s never been easier to become a global brand…but there are still big challenges. The structural facts of time zones and logistics – and the human factors of cultural diversity –remain significant barriers to successful global expansion.

On October 30, the American Marketing Association is hosting The New Global Enterprise: Reaching Global Markets, a virtual conference focusing on the fundamentals required to bring marketing strategies into the global marketplace. This unique event is for people who take part in global marketing activities and want to grow international market share and revenue. 

Jeff Linton, Product Marketing Manager at Act-On, will present Enhancing the Success of your Global Marketing Team with Marketing Automation. Jeff will address how marketing automation technologies support global marketing teams as they work to communicate across time zones and language barriers, understand diverse markets and work to leverage resources and content across continents. While some of these challenges can’t be fixed (time zones are what they are), Jeff will discuss how you can use marketing automation technology to bring your global team closer together and solve certain problems. Having a single solution that your global marketing teams all utilize saves not only money – but your team’s valuable time.

Other segments offered include global segments, global social strategies, and business trends in Asia.

Join us! Register for The New Global Enterprise: Reaching Global Markets, a live virtual AMA event on October 30, from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm CT.