Finding Happiness with Randy Garn

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Guest host Jeff Ogden and special guest Randy Garn, nationally recognized author, entrepreneur, and co-founder of Prosper Inc., continue their discussion on:

  • Randy’s motivation for starting Prosper Inc.
  • Changes and shifts in marketing toward storytelling
  • The impact of social media on marketing
  • The importance of cultural strategy within a company
  • The four items that make up the foundation of sustainability

Join Jeff and Randy as they explore why he started Prosper Inc. and the niche his company served, being a pioneer in distributing educational programs and eBooks online. Randy gives his advice on story telling in social media marketing, and how this approach can engage and attract new customers by involving them in your vision.

View Jeff’s interview with Randy in it’s entirety in Mad Marketing TV Episode 14. To learn more about our special guest Randy Garn as well as the Prosper Book, visit his website and take the prosperity assessment.

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