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We heard you when you asked us to host a user group meeting. Well, we’re here to deliver not only on that, but on the promise of making you a better marketer!

We’re holding the first of three regional user conferences, kicking off i ♥ marketing on Tuesday, October 8, in San Mateo California. The opening session will be delivered by Raghu and followed by Jason Hekl, Demand Creation Strategies Analyst at SiriusDecisions, who will speak about  “The Future of Marketing: Marketing Automation and the Digital Marketing World.” SiriusDecisions is known for research and advisory services focused on the operational intelligence that sales and marketing executives need to maximize top-line growth; Jason will focus on how to use digital strategies to meet your current needs and help you prepare for emerging trends.

After a fuel break, we’ll jump into a series of rapid-fire sessions tightly focused on practical tactics you can use today and apply throughout the various stages of the customer lifecycle. These will be actionable and intense!

After the rapid-fire sessions we will hold a birds of a feather style session, i ♥ customers, which is dedicated to you! Here we will announce new product and program information, as well as discuss upcoming product roadmap. An interactive customer feedback portion is supported.

Then you can break out into the partner pavilion, customer video recording studio and/or Genius Lounge. In the Genius Lounge you can collar any of the experts and ask those burning questions that didn’t get answered during the day’s events, meet and greet with presenters, or just share your Act-On stories with fellow marketers.

We promise a few surprises. We promise it won’t be dull. And we promise that – if you give us this one day – we can help you be a better marketer.

Plus: Want to be a star?

Act-On User StarSeen amazing results since implementing Act-On? Ran a killer campaign with amazing results? Discovered other uses for Act-On? Realized that by using Act-On you are a better marketer than ever YOU thought you could be?If so, we have two easy ways for you to share your story of marketing greatness, and we’d love to capture it!

Choice 1

Record a quick video from the comfort of your desk (or your iphone) and answer one or more of the following questions:

  • How has Act-On made you a better marketer?
  • What’s the best Act-On campaign you’ve ever run?
  • What do you love about Act-On?

Just turn on some good lighting, switch out your striped shirt, and click here

Choice 2
We will be recording customer testimonials onsite at i♥marketing. If you would like to share your Act-On experience on camera, let us know by clicking here. These short testimonial recordings should take no more than 15 minutes of your time!

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