GDPR Compliance – The Final Countdown

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Am I the only one thinking about Europe’s The Final Countdown this week as we tackle last minute to-do items for GDPR compliance by Friday’s deadline?

If you’re not aware of the 1986 gem, the video is below.

GDPR Disclaimer

Before I go any further, I should state that GDPR is broad in scope, and successful compliance will vary between organizations. This post is provided for informational purposes and should not be relied upon as legal advice. Please consult your own legal team for counsel.

Achieving GDPR Compliance

If you don’t know what GDPR is, let alone prepared for GDPR compliance, and you do business in the European Union then it may be too late. GDPR marks the biggest change to EU data protection in more than two decades. As a result, it’s also the biggest change to the Internet in that time, too, with marketers and businesses scrambling to achieve compliant.

At the very least this week, you may want to reach out to all your European contacts and ask them to double opt-in to your marketing list; and also ensure your email consent language meets the regulation’s standards. Here is a great post from the folks at Litmus on the GDPR re-permission topic with some examples. You can also learn more about GDPR opt-in consent forms on our blog.

Recently, we held a webinar on the Top 10 GDPR Questions being asked. You can watch the on-demand video below.

What is GDPR?

Commonly referred to by its acronym, GDPR is the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation. It becomes effective on Friday, May 25. We’ve produced quite a bit of information about the new regulation, including podcasts, blog posts, eBooks and webinars on our GDPR resource hub.

GDPR is a massive piece of legislation, and it touches all parts of a company from accounting to marketing to legal and even HR.

Who is affected by GDPR?

In a nutshell, GDPR:

  • The key principle of GDPR gives consumers control of their data
  • Applies to the 28-nation European Union’s 510+ million citizens, as well as any business doing business with them, regardless of where they are based
  • Fines of up to 4 percent of total global revenue for violations

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