Global Software Provider Mikogo Uses Marketing Automation to Drive Results

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Rapid growth, lots of leads, and a busy sales team. Sounds great, doesn’t it? It is, but it can become a problem when you don’t have the right information to qualify leads and reach out to each one in a targeted, relevant way.

Mikogo-logoThis is the dilemma Mikogo found themselves in several years ago after a period of rapid growth. Mikogo develops screen sharing software designed for hosting web conferences, online presentations and remote support sessions. Thousands of companies around the world use their solutions every day for reliable, simplified online meetings. Since launching in Germany in 2007, Mikogo has grown to serve a more than 1 million users around the world, including over 3,000 corporate customers.

Users can sign up on the Mikogo website for access to the free version of the online meeting tool, with enhanced access to the Professional edition for the first 14 days. It’s a business model with a short sales cycle, and their typical sale closes in just 19 days.

Too Many Leads, Not Enough Time

Generating new leads hasn’t been the problem for the marketing team at Mikogo. In fact, the strategic use of content, social media, SEO, and PR is driving steady traffic to eight localized websites, creating more than 200 leads every day through web sign-ups. The real issue was ensuring effective lead management. Like a lot of successful companies, Mikogo grew very quickly, and the sales and marketing infrastructure hadn’t caught up. With that kind of high volume, sales just wasn’t able to follow up with every single lead. Plus, it was a system that didn’t make the most of the sales team’s time, and it also led to a lot of lost opportunities.

mikogo-screenThat’s when Andrew Donnelly, Mikogo’s online marketing manager, decided it was the right time to adopt marketing automation to help his team qualify, manage, and convert more leads faster. He turned to Act-On Software because he was looking for a budget-friendly solution that would integrate seamlessly with their Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) system. After implementing the Act-On platform, Andrew quickly discovered that the benefits of marketing automation extend far beyond process optimization – especially when it comes to creating personalized communications.

“The automatic emails are brilliant, and we have been able to send friendly, personal emails from each of our account managers so prospects don’t even realize they are part of an automatic campaign,” said Andrew. “Automated personal emails mean we reach the masses instantly, and we elicit more responses than we ever could, which is fantastic. The responses are a great way to separate the wheat from the chaff as the interested parties engage.”

Results that Lead to Revenue

Act-On Software has made it possible for Mikogo to move from manual lead management to new levels of automation and personalization. Find out how they made it happen in this new case study, and discover the lead-generating results of automated campaigns.

Here’s a look inside:

  • High-scoring leads are automatically moved to Act-On’s Hot Prospects list, which is displayed inside the Salesforce dashboard, so the sales team can qualify opportunities and prioritize follow-up faster.
  • Because the sales reps have the lead’s detailed activity history at their fingertips, they can begin with a warm, informed conversation – not a cold call.
  • Since adopting Act-On two years ago, Mikogo has increased its sales by 30%, a tremendous lift in top-line revenue for the company.

Email deliverability is also improved, which is critical, especially when marketing to countries with stringent email privacy and compliance rules. The combination of Mikogo’s tailored content and Act-On’s precision delivery works extremely well. In fact, 45% of the company’s German subscribers opt-in to receive Mikogo’s communication, and 33% of the users from the rest of the world do.

Because of Mikogo’s early success with marketing automation, they’ve extended the reach of the platform beyond acquisition programs to include retention and expansion programs. Today, Act-On adds value to Mikogo’s marketing, sales, and communication efforts across the entire customer lifecycle.

Read the whole case study to learn more about the many ways Act-On solutions are helping this global software provider continually improve results, and find out how these solutions could drive growth for your business as well.