Got an Open API “Gamify Green for Good” Idea for Oregon?

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With the “Gamify Green for Good” Hackathon, Act-On wants to make it easy for inspired coders and designers to create an open API mashup that drives green, community-based offline behavior. Our collective goal: To do good, better. This Hackathon runs 9:30 am–11:00 pm, Saturday, April 6. All meals and beverages provided. Sign up now.

The Gamify for Good movement gets green results in natural resources, health, education and more. One example: the University of Virginia’s Bay Game. Groups of players simulate water management across an entire watershed from the points of view of stakeholders who compete for resources. This project is changing methods of watershed conservation and water sharing.

Another Gamify for Good example is FoldIt, a game that models protein folding at a molecular level. Scientists used FoldIt’s crowdsourcing potential to address a complicated problem related to AIDS. Within ten days, gamers working together had discovered a solution to a problem that had stumped researchers for decades.

And here in Oregon, Intel’s first ever “Code for Good” hackathon developed a functioning mobile app for World Pulse (a nonprofit dedicated to helping girls and women in over 185 countries) – in just 24 hours.

Inspired? Got an idea for a green gamification project in the Portland, Oregon area? Bring it to:

 Act-On’s first annual GAMIFY GREEN FOR GOOD Hackathon!

Saturday, April 6th, 2013, 9:30 am–11:00 pm

At Act-On’s headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon
Near Washington Square, easily accessible via public transportation. Plus: Shuttle from downtown
All meals and beverages provided

  • You will: Collaborate in small teams and integrate open APIs with mobile, web and social apps and create a fun Gamify Green for Good idea.
  • Come! Bring any existing project – or start from scratch and build a brand new project that uses gamification to drive green behavior in the community.

The winning team(s) will have their projects judged on creativity, practical use and inspiration of “doing good, better” in the community. Winners will gain greenbacks to be donated to the local charity or non-profit of their choice, and also be awarded prizes which support our very local Portland brewing community.hackathon image for blog post

Hope to see you! Sign up today:

More green games to get inspiration from.