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Email remains the most potent, popular, and productive marketing tool, with the highest ROI ($40.56 for every $1 invested in 2011). 77% of buyers say they’d rather get promotional messages by email (77%) than any other medium. Over the course of 12 surveys we did in 2012, when we asked Which are your top two sales pipeline contributors? More people answered “email” than any other tactic. That’s why the better your list – the better your results. For most companies, it just makes sense to keep growing your email list.

Grow Your Email Marketing List” is a new free white paper from Act-On that aims to help you live up to its title. You’ll get tips for building healthy, productive email marketing lists, plus solid advice about what not to do. Get information about:

Gathering email addresses in the real world. Tips for turning almost any interaction into an email address-gathering opportunity, including:

  • Brick-and-mortar locations
  • Receipts
  • Product and warranty opportunities
  • Events and tradeshows

Gathering email addresses in the virtual world. People trade their email addresses and other information only in return for something they want. You can use all kinds of strategies, from paid ads to co-marketing to search, to offer something of value. Get tips for using:

  • Your website
  • Online events
  • Social media
  • Video

Buying third-party lists. You might need to do this if your organization is growing so fast that it’s hard to get enough leads by other means. Learn:

  • What to ask about the list – (including what it should contain)
  • What to ask about the vendor
  • Red flags

Grow Your Email Marketing ListReady to learn more? Download “Grow Your Email Marketing List” now.

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