How 4 Steps Can Transform Your Social Media Strategy

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Recently our friends at MarketingSherpa did a killer webinar about how to build an effective social media strategy. Todd Lebo and Sergio Balegno talked about:

  • The misperceptions around the business value of social media
  • The evidence in favor of social media
  • How to design a social media plan that can survive the passage of time
  • How to maximize your impact on a minimal budget

It’s very important to build an integrated strategy; social media is complementary to other strategies, particularly SEO and content marketing, and they all work better for lead generation when they work together.


You also need a plan and a purpose. One-off tactics (“random acts of social marketing”) aren’t going to give you the results you’re looking for. Sergio and Todd recommend thinking about your plan structurally, as architecture, and build it logically.

The Foundation. Strictly speaking, organic search isn’t social media, but everything begins with search.

Organic search is the primary driver of lead traffic to hub and spokes via timely and relevant content.

Spoke Sites
provide the synergy of integration.

  • Social networks are for building communities and relationships through trustworthy engagement
  • Multimedia platforms are for storing content and making it accessible throughout the architecture
  • The number of spoke sites isn’t important, but having a plan and a purpose for each site is

Hub Sites
are where leads converge, and convert

  • Blogs are the hub of social marketing strategy – leads converge
  • Websites are the hub of the overall marketing strategy leads convert
  • Landing page optimization is critical to rate of conversion and ROI

What’s your favorite social media strategy? Has it helped your conversions? Curious minds would like to know… share your feedback by leaving a comment below.

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