How (and Why) to Integrate Social and Content Marketing Efforts

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Weaving 2 inchesIf we liken successful marketing to a flexible textile, we might say that content marketing and social marketing are the warp and woof of the final whole cloth. It takes both, woven together on a common platform, to produce a strong, colorful, complete fabric.

My colleague Janelle Johnson and I are teaming up to present a webinar, “Bring It All Together: Integrate Social and Content Marketing Efforts,” that’s aimed at helping you learn how to integrate content marketing with social media efforts. There are all kinds of reasons to create a holistic marketing strategy, but here’s the most important one: It seriously enhances your customer’s experience.

Your customer today could find you any place: on your website, a partner’s website, a third-party review site, on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn; a PPC ad, maybe even an offhand mention in someone’s blog post.

At the same time, you’re holding events and using outbound marketing to engage that customer and build a relationship. When you integrate your social marketing with your content, you present the cohesive brand identity necessary to earn that customer’s trust. Your content, in whatever form it takes – tweet, white paper, webinar, infographic, video email campaign, billboard – has to have seamless messaging, and the pieces need to relate and connect to each other.

This webinar will give you solid strategies and tactics to do this. In my portion of the presentation, I’ll discuss the new speed at which business is done today. Then Janelle and I will cover how to harness the power of content and social, and a new approach to marketing that meets the needs of 21st century marketers. We’ll also show you how we at Act-On align overall marketing initiatives with content strategy and social execution.

Attendees will get first-hand knowledge of how companies with lean departments and minimal resources can embrace the new speed of business, and effectively market and build their brand using content and social media.

Just a few examples of what we’ll cover:

We’ll show you how to repurpose content…here’s a snapshot of a webinar that became a white paper that became multiple blog posts – and spawned social media campaigns in four channels.

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We’ll cover how to build a nurture campaign…May 8 2

…and how to measure social marketing.

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And there’s plenty more, all crafted to make your life easier and your marketing more effective.

Please join us for Bring It All Together: Integrate Social and Content Marketing Efforts

May 9, 2013 | 10 am PT | 11 am MT | 12 pm CT |/ 1 pm ET

Image courtesy of In Sheep’s Clothing Spinning and Weaving classes.