How Multi-Location Call Tracking Boosts Your Marketing ROI

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We’re all quick to acknowledge how important our websites are. But how many of us are now saying that our mobile website is even more Inbound Call Trackingimportant? There’s good reason to make that statement: in the U.S. alone we will top 200 million smartphone users by 2017, and we are only recently seeing just how much advertisers are recognizing this growth. They are making investments where their customers are: in mobile search. How do we know this? This year – for the first time ever – mobile search ad spend will surpass that of desktop. And within three years there will be over 73 billion calls made to these businesses from mobile search. Marketers know they can’t ignore the calls that will be coming into their businesses.

Customers visit your website to browse, do research, make a purchase, find the closest location, or look for contact information. This includes looking for your phone number. Here are a few stats that underscore how important it is to give your customers an easy way to call you from both mobile search and your website:

  • Click-to-call in search is important: 70% of mobile searchers have used it to contact a business.
  • Website phone numbers are vital: 61% of customers say it’s important that a business gives them a phone number on their website to call.
  • Phone numbers in search are valuable: 47% of mobile searchers are more likely to explore other brands if there is no phone number in their search results.

Tracking inbound calls will be essential to your ability to fully optimize your marketing. We know smartphones drive more searches, which then drive more calls. Tracking these leads back to the marketing source that drove the call (be it display ads, search keywords, websites, email, etc.) allows marketers to both prove – and improve – ROI.

Let’s say you have a page on your website with multiple phone numbers listed, and each one points to a different store, office, or other location. Are you able to track calls from each of these numbers? Can you make sure your customers are routed to the correct place? It is possible. Multi-location call tracking technology exists that can help you boost your marketing ROI – or the marketing ROI of your clients – by ensuring callers are connected with the right location right away.

Do You Have Multiple Locations Listed on Your Website?

People who visit a business’s website often zero in on the web page that lists the nearest office or store location. They might see a “Store Locator,” “Find A Store,” or “Locations” link that takes them to this page. Using call tracking technology, marketers can display unique trackable numbers for the different locations or services listed on that page. Doing this not only ensures your customers are connected to the right store or location, but also lets you attribute the call to the marketing source that drove it. All this helps you boost your ROI by being able to increase your focus on the marketing that generates these calls.StrexCar Screenshot

What inevitably comes next for businesses is the ability to direct these calls to the correct location. You first track what source the lead came from, and then call routing technology can automatically send the caller to the right office, store, or agent. In the case of multi-location call tracking, accurately routing these callers from a single web page is essential to providing the highest-quality experience for your customers.

Do You Need to Prove You Drive Calls and ROI to Your Clients?

If you are a lead generation company, online directory, or affiliate marketer you know how important it is to get credit for every lead you generate for your clients. So when BIA/Kelsey reports that 66% of sales managers consider inbound phone calls to be an excellent lead source – more than any other type – that means it’s even more important to prove you are the one driving these valuable phone calls. Multi-location call tracking helps agencies do just that, and at the same time use call routing to accurately direct the inbound calls to the correct client.

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If you look at Vitals, one of the world’s most popular resources for patients searching for doctors, they were able to prove to their clients that they drove 7.5 times more calls and appointments. How did they do this? By using call tracking technology to display a unique phone number on their clients’ individual listings. They were then able to prove the call came from them, as well as the specific listing and website.

Interested in learning more about the ways you can drive more calls and revenue from local search? Check out the free white paper, “Marketer’s Guide to Call Tracking for Local Search.”