Improve Your Marketing Skill Set: Five Ways Act-On Software Promotes Continuous Learning

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One critique marketing automation sometimes receives is that systems are too complicated and, as a result, marketers often invest a lot of money and time into a system that they’re then unable to use. Here at Act-On Software, we assessed the need for simplicity before we even built our platform, and so created an easy-to-use, intuitive marketing automation solution. However, we realize that things keep evolving and there’s always a lot to learn, even after you have the basics down.

For that reason, we’ve developed a number of strategies to assist our customers with continuous learning. If you’re already an Act-On customer, you might be familiar with some of these offerings. If not, we hope you’ll take a peek at some of the ways Act-On Software helps our customers continue learning and growing as marketers.

5 Ways Act-On Software Promotes Continuous Learning

  1. Feature Release Series Webinars
    These quarterly webinars are co-hosted by the Product Manager, Product Marketing Manager, and the Training Manager. Demo/discussion topics for the webinar are chosen from the recent releases and we highlight the main ones. We conduct a high-level overview of where you can access the feature and how it functions. Then we discuss possible use cases, to illustrate ways people can leverage/incorporate the new feature, and the benefits they can derive from it.
  2. Best Practices
    At Act-On, we use our own platform every day, and we’ve developed Best Practices that we share with our customers. To use email marketing as one example, we want to help our customers to be successful using the email automation tool. Through live group training or private customized training, we show them how to test out draft messages in various email clients before launching the true email campaign. That simple step allows them to see the final product and make any necessary edits before it’s blasted out to their list.
  3. Free Continuous Live Training
    We host four unique live training sessions on our core features each week. These sessions are available to new customers so they can learn how to make the most of the features. We also welcome existing customers to attend these sessions as refresher courses. When new features get rolled out, they’re incorporated into the training, so this free training is always updated and current.
  4. Customer Webinars
    As part of our mission to share the newest marketing strategies with all our customers, we co-host webinars with Act-On customers who talk about their business success and share how Act-On’s marketing automation platform plays a role in that success. We highly encourage existing customers to take advantage of these webinars. Attendees are often introduced to new marketing strategies and ways of using the platform, sparking new opportunities and creativity.
  5. Immediate Access to New Features and Upgrades
    Customers can subscribe to get instant updates on the newest features and upgrades. Once a new feature or upgrade is launched, it’s immediately available as soon as you log in into your account. If you’re unsure how to use the new feature, or what benefits it offers, you can reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager and get a walkthrough and evaluation of how you can take advantage of the new feature or upgrade.

Learning is a lifelong process, especially in the ever-evolving marketing industry. What do you do to stay on top of the trends? Leave a comment below to share your advice.


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