Increase Your Response Rates By Utilizing Multi-Touch Campaigns

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The most successful campaigns I’ve created have been multi-touch, and have had significant sales involvement. Industry standards state that it takes about seven sales “touches” to qualify a potential sale; I’ve learned to be prescriptive about these touches, and provide the sales team the resources they’ll need for a campaign.

The key to the success of these multi-touch campaigns is ensuring that both marketing and sales have defined roles, and work in concert. When both teams buy into the process, they feel connected to the outcome of the campaign and try harder.

Begin by creating a playbook that clearly outlines the steps of the campaign, and who is responsible. The marketing project lead should work hand-in-hand with a champion in sales to help with campaign messaging and the timing of the sales kick off.

Examples of different touches:

  1. Direct mail or dimensional mail piece for awareness. For offline activities, set up a custom event in Act-On Software to track these touch points – and bring offline metrics into your online tracking!
  2. Branded email sent from marketing to a segment. With integration into your CRM – or by using the sales portal – your sales team can have insight into who has opened or clicked on these sent emails.
  3. Sales and marketing create scripts together for follow-up calls from sales.
  4. With input from sales, marketing creates templates for follow-up emails to be sent from sales. Utilizing the Act-On platform, add these templates for the sales team to access. Sales will be able to send these directly – as well as see what actions contacts are taking.

Having the marketing and sales team combine efforts on campaigns – with different types of touchpoints – increases your response rates. Being able to prescribe these touches, and setting up the templates in advance to make it easy for the team to execute on, will help ensure that the contacts receive the appropriate number of touches. Try it…and watch your sales go up.

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