Infographic Highlights Components of Successful B2B Email Campaigns

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We’ve done a lot of strategizing and analyzing over the years, but one of the tools we consistently turn to ― statistics ― remains the most interesting in our industry. You can find numbers to support almost any position you wish to take. Fortunately for all of us, we can now place those stats in a visually engaging format ― the infographic ― rather than tired, overused bar graphs and pie charts. So for the purposes of our recent study on successful email campaigns, we decided to focus on data narrowed to specifically represent the B2B marketing space and to showcase our insights in an easy-to-read graphic.


Our Data. Design. Deliver. infographic emphasizes the importance of all three components for successful email marking campaigns, as well as what contributes to the ineffectiveness of others. Data can make or break a marketing initiative, and one statistic that drew our attention is that 8 of 10 companies say bad data ruins their lead generation. Yet what came as a surprise to us was another statistic that indicates 30% of businesses have no strategy to update their records. The impact of not cleaning up data before launching an email campaign is detrimental to the outcome, and it is an easy fix. Once the data is scrubbed, we found that Act-On provides superior lead management by engaging and nurturing qualified leads and expanding prospects. Of course, the source of data matters, too, and these statistics, as well as others we’ve highlighted in the data section of our graphic, came from the ZoomInfo/DemandGen eBook Dirty Data, which is loaded with good information. ZoomInfo sells their data (versus other companies who rent it), and we’ve used them for our own campaigns.

Design is an equally important component of a successful campaign. For this section of our graphic, we selected some data on design elements and the type of messaging needed for the best response. (MarketingProfs and a few other providers were the sources for this data.) As the statistics show, open rates are influenced by personalization. However, not to be overlooked is where the personalized message is placed. Open rates drop when it is positioned in the subject line but increase when it’s placed in the body of the email. Testing email campaigns is also essential and something we are big on at Spider Traders. Testing should include subject lines, spam ratings, and especially the display of emails on mobile devices. We were surprised to see that not many people tested this burgeoning channel.

Finally, in the Deliver portion of our infographic, we present information on which days of the week have the highest open rates. MarketingProfs’ articles: Email Open and Click Rates: Benchmarks and Trends and B2B Email Marketing Best-Practices and Trends were the source for this data. As you may already know, the day you send an email can determine if it is opened or not; but whatever day of the week is best, we use — and 100% of our customers use — Act-On Software because they deliver; and it’s not just email.

When a marketer sends a campaign, Act-On delivers on results, revenue, ROI, and visibility. They have an efficient approach that aligns sales and marketing, and that enables us to define actionable metrics and generate leads for our clients. Giving the client a platform that is easy to understand and one in which they can participate is critical for a successful initiative — this is software that does just that.

We hope that our Data. Design. Deliver. infographic will prompt you to get involved too.