Integrated Marketing Automation Cures Painful Headache for Adaptive Computing

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Heaache by Open Democracy CC 2.0We really like it when our customers succeed; we like it even better when Act-On has played a role in that success. Adaptive Computing is the largest provider of policy-based optimization software for High-Performance Computing (HPC) and private cloud environments. The company is well-known for technological excellence, and was included in Gartner’s “Cool Vendors in Cloud Management, 2013” list. Adaptive Computing’s customer list includes Global 2000 companies, universities, and government entities.

No matter how terrific your product may be, you still have to market it with skill and finesse. Adaptive Computing is in the hot cloud computing space and growing fast; the company knew it could capture greater market share by using today’s sophisticated marketing software. Ian Nate, Senior Online Marketing Manager, decided it was time to adopt integrated marketing automation to make the most of resources and better communicate with the company’s targeted demographic. He picked Act-On as his vendor. (Thanks, Ian!)

Immediate results: Act-On paid off tenfold

Ian replaced three separate marketing applications with Act-On’s integrated platform – reducing administrative headaches and freeing up time. “We were up and running and integrated with Salesforce in no time,” said Ian. “I had allotted a couple of days but I was fully functional with email within a couple of hours, creating a campaign. Not months, not weeks, not days, but hours.”

Prior to the Act-On implementation, Ian was spending time manually importing lead information from web forms that had been sent to the My SQL database. Once Act-On was implemented, that information was immediately available in Salesforce. Ian believes the time savings alone, in moving from manual data entry to automated, has justified the cost of adopting marketing automation. “Act-On has already paid off tenfold,” he commented.

Ian estimates he spends one-third to one-half less time on emails, web forms, and sorting through databases. “And there’s a trickle-down effect too,” he said. The inside sales team spends more time focusing on quality leads and less time  entering leads and tasks manually, because Act-On handles the work automatically.

“It’s very painful to move from one solution to another. We wanted a solution that would last us a long time, one that we would not outgrow. We have that in Act-On. ”
— Ian Nate Senior Online Marketing Manager,Adaptive Computing

To learn just how Ian used Act-On to gain significant new deals in the first quarter of implementation, read the whole case study.

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Image: “Headache” by Open Democracy, used under a Creative Commons 2.0 license.