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The Rebel Instinct Podcast features conversations with mavericks and outlaws across the marketing and martech space. Join us for conversations with technology executives, marketers and taste makers who trail-blaze boldly in their fields. Watch on YouTube, or listen on your podcast platform for stories about rebellious choices at work, what needs to stop in marketing now, and how to make risky moves without knowing the outcome. It’s all part of making noise and breaking through with your rebel instinct!

If you know anyone at Act-On, you know we care about our customers above all, so you bet your ass we’re gonna make the best podcast we can for our community. And we’ve already hosted two bad MFs. First up, our debut episode featured Jon Miller, CMO of DemandBase, and founder of Marketo and Engagio. What? Yes.

Here’s the video 👇🏼👇🏽👇🏾

Jon Miller of Demandbase on The Rebel Instinct Podcast

In our conversation with Jon Miller, he advises on 3 important steps to ABM.

  1. Get the Account Data Foundation in Place
  2. Find the Accounts That Matter
  3. Engage with the Accounts and the People at Those Accounts
  4. Align with Sales to Close These Accounts
  5. Measure Based on Quality

It’s all about orchestration, and being NICE. That’s Numbers-driven, Intuitive, Content-conscious, who Executes consistently!

And, what about Jorie Mark, Director of Content for Life Extension, who held previous roles as Head of Social Media at Kroger/Fred Meyer and author of “Bride in Overdrive: A Journey into Wedding Insanity and Back? Yeah, we got her too.

Here’s the video 👇🏼👇🏽👇🏾

Jorie Green Mark on The Rebel Instinct Podcast

Jorie Mark urges us to find the story in the marketing, whether that’s about a peekaboo wedge, or convincing leadership to take big content risk. Take the idea to partner Kroger with Funny or Die, and have Jeff Goldblum bond with grocery employees, or to share the raw photo of a woman who had just given birth in the aisle of the Kroger grocery store. (Play this video 👆🏼👆🏽👆🏾 at 7:50 to hear the full story.)

To get to these risky and effective places with marketing moves, Jorie suggests a “patch test” where you try one small thing first, and gain the trust to go further.

Welcome to the Rebellious Future

Join The Rebel Instinct Podcast for conversations that cut through the fluff and get you to the real instinct behind some of the most badass people in the tech and software industries. Coming soon, we’ve got rebellious marketers from Nestle, Starbucks, Amadeus, and tastemakers across experiential marketing, travel technology and the world of user experience (UX).

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