It’s All About Leads


Constant Contact would have you believe that every business needs e-mail marketing. We think that this misses the main point — first and foremost, every business needs to generate and manage leads. E-mail marketing may or may not make sense for everyone.  At Act-On, our philosophy is that no one tool is enough — each business will end up using the mix of tools that best fits their situation.

Recently, I got a fresh demonstration of how true this is.

I decided to get my 24-year-old roof replaced, and turned to Angie’s List to get bids from a reputable set of roofing contractors. The winning bid was from a company owned by Chilean and Mexican immigrants. As the crew was pounding away on my roof, I chatted up one of the owners, an experienced roofer but not a high-tech marketer by any stretch of imagination.

He was surprisingly sophisticated about his various lead generation channels: print ads, Angie’s List, Service Magic, and more.  He was thinking about how he might be able to use his website to “convert” more of his  proposals. E-mail marketing made no sense to him, but he was thinking of ways to generate referrals from past customers.

When I described the Act-On Marketing Service to him, he *got* it immediately. He sends his bids as e-mail attachments, so he totally saw the value of getting text alerts when the bids are opened. He loved the idea of seeing the connections between his outstanding bids and his website visitors. I did not need to paint the picture — he was pretty much already there.

More than ever, I am convinced that there is a huge under-served market out there for *complete* marketing solutions that are priced right and easy to use.