Lead Management Benefits From Integrated Marketing Automation

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Recently Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder and CEO of Selling Power and Shawn Naggiar, Act-On’s Chief Revenue Officer had a discussion that began by defining “integrated marketing automation” and progressed into a lively discourse with plenty of food for thought – and ideas for action.

Shawn reminds us that a fundamental key to the value of marketing automation is the concept of integration. “Simply put, it’s the idea of bringing all your online channels, all the technologies you use for online marketing, together into a single platform.” Obviously there’s a benefit from an execution standpoint, but the big benefit is the integration of the data.

“In a typical environment where someone is not using marketing automation, they may have an email marketing platform, a web analytics platform, and a social media marketing platform; however, they have no ability to understand what’s going on with their prospects across all those channels. So – a simple win for an Act-On customer coming on board is just understanding for the people responding to an email campaign – how many are being driven to my website? How many are converting to register for a webinar? And how are those activities linked together?”

The answer to these questions cue the sales and marketing teams to take the right action to manage a lead for the best outcome, whether that be to park the lead in a fast- or slow-track nurturing program, or to call in the next ten minutes. “At the end of the day,” says Shawn, “it’s about leads and the quality of leads, and making sure your most expensive sales resources are focused on the right ones.”

Watch the video to learn these factors:

  • The type of data sales and marketing need to make decisions
  • The type of decisions sales and marketing need to make together
  • The value of nurturing leads
  • How you can help prospects self-serve through the educational stages of the pipeline
  • The changing roles of marketing team members

For even more information about integrated marketing, visit Act-On’s Resources.