Lead Me On: 7 Factors For Higher-Quality Leads

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The one thing all marketers have in common is the need for more leads. “Generating more high quality leads” is the top marketing challenge for organizations of all sizes, whether B2B, B2C, or B2B2C. (Forrester 2012 Benchmark Lead Generation Report)

Eric Albertson will present an entertaining, past-faced webinar: “The Real Secret to Higher-Quality Leads and More Revenue” crafted to help you address that pesky, persistent lead problem. Attendees will come away with several ideas to use immediately, plus some longer-term strategies. Eric uses a story to illustrate each point, as well as giving actionable specifics you can put to immediate use.

The 7 lead generation success secrets you’ll learn are: 

  1. The two must-have points of alignment
  2. The processes that will leave your competition in the dust
  3. How to pick the best targets for your campaigns
  4. An insight about data that almost everybody else misses
  5. Why leveraging the customers buying process can blow away your competition
  6. Why having and using the Big Idea glues everything together for success
  7. Why a lead gen blue print is like a GPS in a strange city… your key to getting somewhere


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Albertson Performance Group, Inc. (APG) founder and president Eric Albertson has been a marketing and sales executive mentor for companies of all sizes for more than 30 years. Eric has an amazing track record in the lead generation world, having helped both small and large companies to spectacular growth in good times and bad. His clients include giants such as Microsoft, HP, Dell, American Express, Motorola and Intel at the high end, and companies as small as just $1M per year on the other end.