Lead Nurturing and Scoring – MadMarketing TV Episode 5

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Join guest host Jeff Ogden and special guest Steve Gershik – CEO of 28Marketing, Marketing Automation Institute executive advisor and co-founder of DemandCon, the demand generation conference, as they discuss:

  • How to score and sift inbound leads
  • What to do with leads that are not sales ready
  • Common metrics to measure success

Join Jeff and Steve as they dig into lead nurturing and lead qualification & scoring – first defining it and then uncovering common mistakes and misconceptions that come along with this hot B2B marketing topic. Steve also delves into the key considerations and triggers to determine when someone is ready to buy – the core question in lead scoring. Finally we leverage Steve’s expertise to capture his opinion on marketing automation and the role it plays in B2B marketing today, as well as key takeaways for ultimate lead nurturing success.

To learn more about our special guest Steve Gershik, visit his website, read his blog, and follow him on Twitter.

Don’t forget to join us for our next episode on Thursday, December 29 and look out for special “After Party” footage from this interview with Steve Gershik, as well as others.

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