Lead Scoring Basics: 8 Steps to Getting Started

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You’ve probably been reading about lead scoring lately; it’s a trending topic because it works so well to generate higher-quality leads…and as it’s too labor-intensive to do by hand, it’s a key win for marketing automation.

So you’ve got the concept down: Give points to prospects according to factors that indicate sales-readiness. But – how to actually get started?

Here’s help. In this new paper, Best Practices for Setting Up a Lead Scoring Program, Matt Heinz, President of Heinz Marketing, and Craig Rosenberg, VP of Sales and Marketing of Focus and The Funnelholic share eight linear steps to getting started, and making lead scoring work for you.

The paper gives guidance on how to:

  1. Create and embrace your target buyer persona(s).
  2. Know your customer’s buying cycle and buying signals.
  3. Score each step, activity or buying signal based on its relative value.
  4. Create three to five segments to start (don’t overdo it).
  5. Use anecdotal data initially.
  6. Get complete alignment with sales.
  7. Build a set of specific next steps.
  8. Track behavior, and adjust scores and tactics accordingly.


We’re always interested in hearing what you have to say. Those of you who have implemented lead scoring already, do you have a success story to share?