Linking Content Marketing to Sales Results: Ian Michiels’ Webinar, Thursday April 18

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Content marketing is a huge trend, but it’s not a fad. Everybody’s doing it, and everybody wants to do it better. Ian Michiels, Principal and Managing Director at Gleanster Research will share the results of the 2013 Inbound Marketing Survey in a webinar, and show exactly how Top Performers get revenue growth from inbound marketing, in the webinar “The Revenue Connection: Linking Content Marketing to Sales Results.”

Outbound marketing includes the traditional methods of telemarketing and cold-calling, mass advertising such as direct mail, radio, TV, and billboards, and the newer email marketing.

Inbound marketing includes internet-enabled distribution methods such as blogs, podcasts, webinars, videos, eBooks, newsletters, white papers, search engine optimization, and the newest: social media. It’s all called content marketing, and it strives to deliver that more personalized message that leads to conversion.

Inbound, used well, helps Top Performers achieve their goals:

Top 3 reasons to implement inbound marketing

The biggest challenge of inbound, after creating content, is measuring the impact.

Measurement is the second biggest challenge with inbound

Your inbound tactics could include interviews with experts; guest articles; LinkedIn group participation; customer surveys; newsletter sign ups; sharing reports, charts, and white papers in social media; infographics; webinars; eBooks; and so on; all these are digital channels and therefore measurable. But they don’t necessarily lead to revenue.

Ian’s webinar will include a discussion of how to measure inbound as a profitability lever, attribution, the cause and effect relationships between content and sales, and how to differentiate your content from your competitors’, all leading to understanding which bait works, which leads to economies of scale.

If you want to truly understand and influence the revenue connection between your inbound marketing and your sales numbers, don’t miss –

The Revenue Connection: Linking Content Marketing to Sales Results

 Thursday, April 18, 2013, at 10 AM PT / 11 AM MT /12 PM CT / 1 PM ET Register now!