List Management: How to Define, Create, and Target Dynamic Segments with Act-On Software

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Content is still, and always will be, king… relevant, targeted, personalized content, that is. You probably don’t want to blast the same message or offer to all your prospects, so segmenting your list by interest factors or stages in the buying process makes sense. What if you could easily target your marketing campaigns, including email marketing, to appropriate segments? And what if those segments dynamically, automatically, added new prospects on the fly? (Spoiler: You can, and they will.)

With Act-On’s simple, powerful list management tool, you can easily create tightly targeted segments. Combine a range of profile attributes (e.g., title, department, and location), with observed behaviors (e.g., visiting specific web pages, attending a specific webinar, downloading a specific document), and a time frame, to get as narrow a segment as you wish.

For example, you might define a segment as: “Marketing directors in New York who visited the pricing page in the last 30 days and also attended the January 4th webinar.” Or perhaps as “Everyone who downloaded the free trial in the last 30 days and did not submit the subscription form.”

Once you’ve defined a segment, it becomes dynamic. As your Act-On database adds new prospects, any prospect fitting the profile will automatically be added to the segment, so every time you reach out to that segment, you’re reaching everyone. How handy is that?

Creating your own dynamic list with Act-On is so easy that you can watch the whole process in less than five minutes. Check out this short video.

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