Marketing Shelfware?

Avatar Act-On

The hype surrounding marketing automation has reached a fever pitch over the last year, with companies in the space raising vast amounts of venture capital at astronomical valuations. But one uncomfortable fact remains: marketing automation software winds up as shelf-ware.

According to Forrester Research only 2%-5% of B-to-B companies have actually invested in a marketing automation solution with only 25% of them using it anywhere near to full capability. Most of them wind up using it just for email marketing. Considering the high costs involved– software licenses as well as the associated customization and implementation services – this is one expensive spam cannon!

So what’s holding marketers back from deriving full value from these systems, if the benefits are so compelling? The answer is: time! In the fast changing world of the marketer, the typical marketing automation system, with its intricate processes and procedures, becomes an active impediment to timely action. The time it takes to formulate, implement and roll out changes to the marketing process simply overwhelms the time constraints that marketers are working under.

Here at Act-On, we’ve taken the opposite approach. Our platform conforms to the needs of the marketers, rather than requiring marketers to change their ways to match the system. Starting with best-of-breed email, we have built a fully integrated platform that enables marketers to incorporate automation on an as-needed basis. More importantly, they’re able to maximize their agility and stay ahead of market conditions. In an era where time is more precious than money, Act-On enables marketers to save both.