Microsoft Re-Imagines Email

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Only one thing is certain in the race to maintain email subscribers: change. The latest example of this is the new Microsoft webmail offering, Microsoft has begun offering their new and improved email solution this week, and will eventually replace their Hotmail services. The email market continues to heat up; Google has certainly made great strides in capturing market share (up 17% this year, closing in on Hotmail, which has lost 4% share). Microsoft clearly has Gmail in their sights for

A side-by-side comparison of the features and benefits for Hotmail, Gmail, and the new is located here:

As you will see, it’s certain that these changes are necessary to stay competitive in today’s drive to capture the inbox subscriber.  Stay tuned for more updates as the industry changes, I will be posting any and all tidbits that I feel you should know about.

I like the new look and feel of, and I would love to hear your thoughts.