Mind the Spam Trap: New On-Demand Webinar Helps You Avoid Being Blacklisted

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Venus Fly TrapYou just got blacklisted. Now what?

It happens to the best of companies. Even global players – Disney, Facebook, DMA, Citibank, and many others – have been sucker-punched by the blacklist, despite allocating staggering budgets to avoid such headaches.

Created to combat spammers, blacklists are notorious registries that curate ne’er-do-well email marketers who don’t follow best practices.

Why should you care?

Two reasons.

First, your domain can easily end up blacklisted if a spam trap ensnares it. And it happens to well-intentioned marketers big and small, more often than you think.

Second, spam traps and their consequence – being blacklisted – will effectively (very effectively) squash your deliverability. Which squashes your conversion. Which flattens your revenue.

Sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug.

What can you do about it?

A new on-demand webinar, Spam Traps: Avoid the Blacklist and Protect Your Digital Reputation, can help you sidestep these traps and keep your domain name – and brand reputation – out of harm’s way.

Hosted by David Fowler, Act-On Software’s Chief Privacy & Deliverability Officer, and Craig Swerdloff, CEO of LeadSpend, the Spam Traps webinar packs a ton of useful information into a fast-paced hour, including step-by-step instructions for avoiding traps and blacklists … and undoing the damage if you’re caught.

And chances are you will be at some point, because the hard reality is that spam traps are part-and-parcel of being an email marketer.

“A spam trap has the ability to completely shut down your email program. It’s something that affects everybody who’s in the email marketing space.” – David Fowler, Chief Privacy & Deliverability Officer, Act-On Software

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • What spam traps are … and who uses them
  • The 3 types of spam traps (spoiler alert: one of them has “zombie” in the title)
  • The 6 ways spam traps get on your email list (and it’s much much easier than you think)
  • How blacklists work
  • What to do if you get blacklisted

Watch for more … and a special offer

If any of this sounds helpful or interesting or both, I encourage you to watch the webinar today.

You’ll not only hear a great conversation by two proven leaders in the field, you’ll get a set of tips and steps to help your email marketing running smoothly. And … you’ll get a special discount code for significant savings on our real-time email validation service.

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Venus Flytrap image by Konstantin Lazorkin, used under Creative Commons 2.0 license.